nobody wants tech neck


The essence of each class is to re-balance the body, reverse common aches and pains caused by "desk posture" & destress the mind. 

The Classical Edit lends itself perfectly to corporate wellbeing; Kiri's upbeat approach to intelligent exercise and instinctive programming will leave your team feeling stronger mentally & physically. We understand the importance of team morale, and there is no better bonding experience than the deep burn that sets in during class in the muscles you never knew you had.

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Kiri has worked with... 

It's such a great experience taking the time every week, learning how to pay attention to the movements of my body in a slower, more deliberate way. The consistent work that Kiri does with us every week to maintain and develop our strength has made all of my training much more effective, no matter what type it is. 



"If you had told me three years ago my classes with Kiri would become a highlight of my week I’d say you were joking".



"Kiri's classes are a highlight of my week and TCE is lengthening and strengthening muscles I didn't know I had!"


It takes real skill to make every person in a class feel as though they're having a 1-2-1 session but Kiri manages it every time. Giving multiple options for the exercises so that you can do whatever feels best for your body, she talks you through how you should be feeling to ensure you're doing it right.