Prepare to upgrade how you move, by creating balance for the full body with mindful connection.

No props needed, just yourself and the mat. We’ll be mobilising the spine, strengthening your core and toning your assets with localised movement, to unlock the greatest version of yourself.

our signature class on the mat


wanna workout while  lying down?

Okay, let’s turn it up a notch...
This class is designed to raise the heart rate, break a sweat and feel the burn in all the right places. All you will need is your mat and a chair or ledge for balance.

With strategic bursts to the arms, abs, glutes & legs you’ll be sculpting and lengthening the whole body simultaneously. Get ready for that endorphin kick!

(Zero/low impact, suitable for most minor injuries with modifications).

a barre class to leave you sizzling


Take a moment and BREATHE.

Whether you’re having one of those days where you want to pop a candle on and move your body gently or you want to use this as an additional stretch to your workout.
This class gives you the opportunity to focus in on specific muscle groups to  relieve and refresh your body of tension.
Remember, working on your mobility and flexibility improves your overall movement. 

a dedicated stretch class to refresh


When time is not on your side we have a dedicated collection of classes that will reset your mind & blast your body in 20 minutes or less.

Choose a body focus that needs a little bit of love, or combine a few videos to create your own bespoke workout! Blast is a brilliant way to get an effective workout packed into your busy schedule.

a rich workout for the time poor


Working out during pregnancy as well as after birth require a few modifications to ensure correct movement as your body changes.

During your first trimester you are fine to continue classes within your limits, however the following trimesters require some changes. We've created an entire searchable category in our library of classes you can perform during each stage of your pregnancy.

safe ante & post natal movement